DurationFundResearch Title
2002-2003Young scientific research expenditure B (14750296)Construction of world fastest and safest elliptic curve cryptosystem
2004-2005Young scientific research expenditure B (16760303)World's fastest microcomputer implementation of extension field computation for public key electronic authentication in ubiquitous environment
2004-2006Strategic Information and Communication Research and Development Promotion SystemR & D on the composition of general purpose extension field for use in public key cryptosystem
2007 FYOkayama Engineering Promotion OrganizationResearch and development on the base construction method suitable for high-speed implementation of public key cryptography
2007-2009Strategic information communication research development promotion system (research assignee)Research and development of anonymous authentication infrastructure using elliptic curve cryptography
2007-2009Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Research and Development of Information and Communication Technologies: Research and Development of Information Leakage Control Technology" (Research Participant) Research and Development on the Advancement and Facilitation of Information History Management
2008-2010Scientific research expenditure young B (20760241)Expansion of high-speed Ate pairing calculation algorithm and its world's fastest implementation
2009-2011Scientific Research Foundation Base B (21300004) (Research Participant)Research and development and practical verification of practical inter-organization anonymous authentication in ubiquitous environment
2009 FYGraduate School of Natural Sciences Discretionary Expenses (Research Participant)Research on High Reliability of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
2010-2012Scientific research fund infrastructure C (22560378) (Researcher, Representative: Associate Professor Nakanishi)Proposal and Implementation of Scalable Revocable Group Signature Scheme
2010-2011Science and Technology Promotion Organization AStep: Revealing seeds (Research Director + Tokyo Electron Device)LSI implementation of parallel algebra calculation algorithm for highly realizing authentication technology in cloud computing era
2012-2013Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Strategic Information and Communication R & D Promotion Scheme SCOPE Regional ICT (Research Sharing Person, Representative: Kengo Banba)Research and Development on Safety Design against Cryptographic Equipment Side Channel Attack
2012-2014Science and Technology Promotion Organization AStep: High Risk (Research Representative + Tokyo Electron Device)LSI Implementation of Parallel Algebra Calculation Algorithm for Highly Realizing Authentication Technology in the Cloud Computing Era
2013-2015Scientific Research Foundation B (25280047) (Research Director)Development and demonstration experiment of distributed parallel attack method using conjugate rational point norm for elliptical pairing cipher
2013-2015Scientific research fund foundation C (25330153) (collaborating researcher, representative: Associate Professor Nakanishi)Proposal and implementation of anonymous authentication suitable for mobile environment
2014-2015ASTEP seeds revealed (research leader)Realization of information communication that is resistant to quantum computers and does not leak personal information
2016-2018Scientific Research Foundation Board A (16H01723) (Research Director)Realization of safe and reliable communication in the remote controlled type and autonomous mobile system in the IoT era
2016-2018SCOPE: Regional ICT Promotion (Research Director)Development of a Security Calculation Chip that Secures Device Certification in the IoT Era
2016-2018Okayama pref. funds for Next Generation IndustryDevelopment of HW-Secure crypto-device